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  • MAZU BAKA NI NAROU (Just be a fool)
  • MAZU BAKA NI NAROU (Just be a fool)

    Have you ever considered that your assumptions may be limiting your true freedom and happiness?

    In this book we take the general notion of ‘common sense’ and compare it with our mindset of ‘just being foolish’. How do we survive and enjoy this new and constantly evolving world? Put your assumptions aside for a minute and try just being foolish. To regain your original powerful self… just be foolish. To live life true to your heart… just be foolish. We’ve taken the best and brightest gems from dozens of hours of conversations between the authors and compiled a selection for you to sift through and discover your own jewels.

    • Author

      Ayumu Takahashi × Takumi Yamazaki

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